These are some of my friends and/or places I recommend:

My friend DeWayne Hall runs an excellent investment management firm. I've been with them for years and highly recommend them if you are looking for managed investments. Good Life Asset Strategies is the firm.

I've been doing strength and flexibility training in the Edmond area with Nick Frary for over a decade. Status Fit with Nick Frary. And he is clever to have reserved this URL years ago.

My wife has been involved in a local, Christian based foster care and adoption agency. We've been close to them for years and recommend them. Lillyfield: Christian Adoption and Foster Care.

I've been on the board of The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for over four years now. I'm on the Operations and the IT and Process committees. They are an amazing organization and their supply chain is world class. They are doing great works for kids, seniors and anyone all across Oklahoma.

A wonderful group of followers of Christ. If you are looking to learn more of Jesus, connect with them.

I'm on the board at Oklahoma Christian University here in the Edmond area. A wonderful group of faculty and staff giving a world-class education to thousands. Much good happening there.

My friend Shannon Wilburn has started and champions a wonderful organization called Just Between Friends which facilitates entrepreneurs and the sale of children's clothing. She is brilliant and a wonderful person.

My son is partnering with one of his friends on several projects one of which is Manzel Auto Sales. If you are in this area and need a used car, give them a look.

I've been working with another friend as she starts up a new non-profit that she feels so passionate about and is so needed which is working to address mental health in young adults. She recently asked me to join her board. The organization is called U!Shine.

The All Hat Cattle company for terrific beef. You can buy their beef at a new market and cafe in Luther called 116 Farmstead Market and Table. I'm eating breakfast there 1-2 times per month. If you are near Luther, you must give them a try.