Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some Recent Reads

A few recent books and recommendations:
  1. WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us by Tim O'Reilly. It is a great book about trends in technology and markets that are shaping our future. O'Reilly is a well respected 'futurist' and his work is always interesting. This is his latest.
  2. I'm still working my way through the book, Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies which is simply unbelievable and a lot to process. I've shared this recommendation with some other friends and all who have started it are really equally impressed with the book.
  3. Damocles by 47North which is about an encounter with aliens and the long and difficult task of figuring out how to communicate without any starting points of commonality. Reminds me of the movie Arrival which I loved and wrote about earlier.
  4. 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King. I continue to be amazed at his storying telling ability. In this book, he had his character move through the plot of one of his other stories, which he does in other books too. Common places and characters crossing paths. So interesting.
  5. What Doesn't Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength by Carney is about how stressing ourselves can result in increased performance and results. There is a lot of material about the cold and how learning to run or compete in the cold can result in better performance. Most interesting.
  6. Ready Player One: A Novel: is a great fast read about gaming and the future. Great sci-fi.
  7. Artemis: A Novel by Crown is the followup to The Martian. Loved The Martian but didn't think as much about Artemis.
Before these books, I re-read the Nicolas Taleb books again. Might have to keep doing that periodically. He has a new book coming out next year.

I'll post more soon.


  1. Thanks for the recs - I did love 11/22/63 and enjoyed the movie as well. You'll have to rent it!

    1. Didn't know there was such a movie. I'll go look for it. Must have missed that.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Robin. And I still pay attention to the book recommendations you make too. Do you use Goodreads?