Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our Leaders - North Korea and Other Thoughts

This mess in North Korea is getting worse and could really spin in a bad, bad direction. The latest missile launch, which is now called an ICBM because of the longer-range, was unannounced and flew through commercial flight paths. Imagine being on a 777 flying from Seattle to Tokyo and seeing that out your window. Imagine being a pilot on that 777 and seeing that out your window.

The NY Times reported yesterday how a conflict might unfold on the peninsula and it is not pretty and there isn't a happy ending.

Kim Jong Un is just another egotistical leader who thinks it is all about him and his ideas and not about the people around him. Rodman going to visit him and the country fits perfectly with the incomprehensibility of the whole mess.

Kim Jong Un doesn't realize that he could be a hero in his country if he took a different path. Can you imagine how the people of North Korea would respond if the borders were opened up, commerce was allowed and encouraged, jobs were created, food was available, the lights worked, infrastructure was improved, etc?

He could change the whole path of his country and the future by just turning a different direction. The whole narrative of him could change from a reckless, child dictator following prior dictators into a statesman who changed the path and course of his whole country. In one generation he could completely change the course of North Korea. Few leaders get that kind of opportunity.

There are other leaders around the world who are thugs, egotistical and self-serving. Countries seem to elect these leaders and most dictators are this way already.  And we seem to allow a lot of bad behavior by our leaders who are then not held accountable by anyone. This happens at the local, state and national levels.

Malcolm Gladwell's podcast called Revisionist History (Recommended) in Season One had a story called The Lady Vanishes which talks about the behavior of men towards women as they advance in offices and states.  The material and interview with Gilliard, the first women Prime Minister of Australia, is particularly heartbreaking.

I can't solve the North Korea problems or any of these problems around the world. I can decide how I'm going to vote and what I'm going to consider where I live. I think we need to:

  1. We need elected leaders who are not career politicians. We shouldn't allow people to stay in office long. We need term limits everywhere.
  2. We need teachers, engineers, doctors, business people and the like in elected offices.
  3. We need to elect more women into senior offices in organizations and in government. We need their views and insights more than ever.
  4. We need more diversity of ideas in leadership. It can't just be a two-party, white man's club in government anymore. 
  5. We need to hold anyone in leadership roles accountable for their behavior, their actions, their words. Remove them if necessary and certainly don't vote for them again.

Just some thoughts from my corner of the universe on this Thursday AM.

Hope you are well.


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  1. What a missed opportunity for North Korea. If only YOUR voice was in his ear... Thank you for these thoughtful posts.