Monday, July 3, 2017

Going for a run...

My running friend challenged us to run 100 miles in 10 days starting July 1st. This is the 3rd day and here is where I stand:

I am 36% of the way there as of today three days into the quest.

This is an amazingly hard thing to do.

Running 10 miles is not a big deal by itself. But we are doing this in July and the temps have been hot for some of the runs and the humidity has been 85-90%. That makes it hard. I'd prefer to do this in October or November, but we are doing it now.

There is a huge toll physically, but there is probably a bigger mental load. This spans so many days and there is always more running to do and all of it needs to fit into the days around whatever else. And when you are done for the day, there is tomorrow. I'm ahead now, but many miles remain. 10 per day.

I've managed to get ahead a bit but unfortunately, my right foot is signaling that this must/could/should come to an end. I'm worried that I'll have to stop. Today I saw a PT and got the foot and ankle KT wrapped. We'll see.

If you run marathons, you hate to give up and you must learn to continue through misery. However, you also need to listen to your body when things don't feel right.

I'm ahead by 6 miles of the needed pace but worried about the foot.


  1. I vote for listening to your body (and probably your PT)!! You are not in the middle of a marathon. This is just for fun and your foot is hurt! By the way, this does not sound at all fun in July. Maybe this is your body's (and God's) way of getting you out of this...That's how I would take it anyway!

  2. Dan feels your pain. He's still running a little despite the doctor telling him he shouldn't after his surgery in June.

  3. Had to stop. Right foot had/has a problem and I felt it needed to stop putting this load on the foot. Not very happy about and sad to have not completed the quest. Frustrated.

  4. Health problems are frustrating, especially when our bodies start to break down! But there will always be another quest... Glad you listened to your body.