Saturday, June 3, 2017

Learning to Swim

I had swim lessons when I was a kid, but never really learned how to swim. I have always done that keep your head above water and dog paddle while looking cool approach whenever I had to get in the water. I've had two events in my life where I was in jeopardy while in the water which have shaped me to not be comfortable in water.  Well, there actually are three events. I tried to snorkel while on vacation once and couldn't do it, couldn't do it, couldn't do it and panicked and returned to the shallow water and took off the fins, mask and snorkel never to touch them again.

Since I'm this runner person and I want to get better at running I added some spin classes to my training a while back. Now I want to add swimming. But I can't swim.

The gym where we are members has 2-3 pools and they will give adult swimming lessons so I signed up.

After demonstrating my advanced level of swimming skill to the coach, she promptly had me paddle with a float board, while wearing fins and just practice breathing. Now it wasn't quite that simple. We are in an indoor pool and there are other adults around some swimming in other lanes very nearby. She proceeds to go up and down the lane beside me as I demonstrate my inability to swim. And all the while she is saying rather loudly for all to hear, blow air out your mouth, keep going, you are doing great!

You know that voice in your head that is always talking to you? That voice was laughing its a** off, on the floor, rolling in laughter at how ridiculous I looked and about how I felt. A grown adult, taking swimming lessons, with a coach hollering at me with tips loud enough for all to hear. I felt like a little kid learning to swim.

I have to say that I have kept smiling and laughing about this. I have been back to the pool 5 times practicing on my own and the last time I managed to swim free-style the length of the pool without stopping. That was my near term goal and I met it earlier than expected. Pretty pleased with myself if I do say so. I don't think the US Olympic team will be calling on me any time soon.

I have another lessons with my coach on Monday. No cameras are allowed.

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  1. Your vulnerability impresses me. Being a life long learner is a great thing!