Friday, June 23, 2017

Friends and their Kids

Years ago, we were in a small group Bible study whatever with some families that had kids around the same age as ours. We met on Sunday night and gravitated towards doing Bible studies for our kids. Over the course of time, all those families drifted different directions. Some moved away and in fact, we moved to another country. Some we still see from time-to-time.

However, I've continued to pray for those kids.

They are now married and I have no idea, in most cases, what is going on in their lives, but they are still on my prayer list. Occasionally, I see one of them or I see their parents, and at different times, I've told them or their parents that I still pray for them, or their kids. We've attended several of their weddings. Across the years, I still think of those families and those kids. And, whether they know it or not, I'm still here for them.

I have added other kids to my prayer list over the years. I now pray for people I don't even know because their parents asked me at some point in the past to pray for their kids. I can't decide if these people want to know that I'm still praying for them or not. I tell some of them at times and I always get mixed kinds of responses. Someone asks you to pray for their kid and then they are surprised months/years later when you are still praying?

Today someone told me he was praying for me because of a work I'm doing. I know of one other person who is praying for me. I tend to believe it makes a difference. Of course, I believe there is a creator, that he stepped into history 2000 years ago, and that he is 'out there' and listening and acting and still working.

I think that life is hard. That hard things happen. That evil happens, and that pain and hurt happen.

And I believe we need to look out for each other.

A few weeks ago a friend asked my wife and me to join he and his wife on a trip. The date happened to be a date where I had committed to a friends daughter that we'd attend a fundraiser event for something that was important to her (and now me). Declined on the trip because we had committed to someone that we'd be there.

This past week my wife and I coordinated a VBS session for grades 4 and 5(worthy of another blog post as that is not in my wheelhouse). A 4th grader that we know came in and casually said 'Hi Mark' as he slid into his seat and began talking to his friends. That is what it is all about. Being there for our friends and their kids. Boom.

Life is hard. Be there for your friends and their kids.


  1. Totally agree with all of this. I would be so honored and thankful to know that someone was praying for my child. What a gift you are giving to all these friends and their children to be praying for them all these years!

  2. Everyone is in need of prayer, just like your byline says!