Thursday, May 18, 2017

Throw it Out

I read that book on Tidiness a couple of years ago and I've continued to think about it a lot. A few minutes ago, I opened a drawer and saw a zip lock bag of old FitBit bands that I no longer wear. I kept them in case I might need them. Can't imagine ever in this universe needing those bands again. Why do I still have them? Inertia? Fear of needing them if I throw them out? Not sure.

I've been on a wave of throwing things out lately and I think I'm about to accelerate that effort.

I subscribe to Blinkist which provides condensed summaries of interesting books. I just read the 'blink' on Stuffocation where part of the summary says:

Yep, that is it.

I've cleaned out my garage recently and done another purge of papers in my house. Time to do more. I just don't want this stuff around filling up space, worry and time.

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  1. Doing the same in my attic today. Was listening to Ted talks about less stuff the whole time to keep me motivated!