Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Warning

Two years ago I read a book about the opiate problem spreading across the US. There are several documentaries on Netflix and HBO and everywhere about the problem and the local and regional impact this is having on communities. I saw a show a few weeks ago that said whole communities are being affected.

This week I had a procedure done on my foot called Orthotripsy which is a shock wave therapy to the foot to deal with some soft tissues problems. The procedure has to be done under general anesthesia as it can cause a lot of pain at the time of the application.

Immediately after the procedure and just after waking up in the post-op room, I was told that they were writing me a prescription for pain as needed in the next few days. And they were going to give me two right then to get that process started. I had never heard of the medication and I took it because, well, they told me to and I was just waking up.

I asked my wife on the way home if she had heard of it and she hadn't either.

The post op instructions were about 7-8 pages long which began with resting and stretching and in the back were some notes about acetaminophen and hydrocodone mixed together and a whole list of cautions. Turns out that medication had hydrocodone in it, an opioid, and they wrote me a prescription for 30 of these.

The very thing all these books and movies talk about is how people have surgery, are given variations on opiates, and then they get addicted.  They gave me this at the hospital without any prior conversation about risks or concern whether or not I had any history with this. It is just so hard for me to get around the fact that this was given to me without any dialog.

Two in the hospital and one that night and then they have been thrown out of my house. Gone.

You need to be cautious about these drugs yourself and you need to warn your family and friends to be careful.  Please warn your family and friends and watch out for those close to you. Read up on this.

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