Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some Music Thoughts

Brianna Gaither has a new album out called Vanity which you can find on iTunes and at  A video documentary about the creative process behind the music and the album was made called Resonate. Recommended. I'm listening to the music now for about the 10th time.

And here are a couple of wonderful videos of violins being played in public. Lindsey Stirling playing Hallelujah:

And Joshua Bell in the Washington DC Subway:

These are fun, wonderful and magical.

If any of you have some good recommendations on string quartet collections on iTunes or elsewhere, please let me know. I'm not remotely an expert on such, but I enjoy hearing quartets play selections. On a recent trip, we were around a quartet that was playing a selection of wonderful pieces at dinner and I'd like to find more or some or any.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying her music and the film. It was really meaningful watching the string quartet play on "I Can't Make it Grow." Brianna told us after the song that Kyle Dillingham created the backup himself.