Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bridges Out of Poverty

I was at a board meeting for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma a while back and someone mentioned in passing the book Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities by Payne and DeVol and Smith. I made a note of it and about 10 days ago I ordered it on Audible to listen to in the car.  Two days later, another friend mentioned she was attending a Bridges Out of Poverty workshop nearby. Then I mentioned to another friend who runs a medical clinic in downtown Oklahoma City and she has gone to the workshop before.

Seemed like too many coincidences are happening here.  So I signed up for the workshop on 2/17 (come join!).

I'm just about done with the audible version of the book and it has made me uncomfortable and I'm unsettled with it. Generational poverty is a new term for me and beginning to understand it is hard.

I've ended up buying a real copy of the book with paper and ink(!) because of the worksheets in it and to take to the workshop.

Much to consider.

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