Thursday, January 19, 2017

Not Finished

Ran my 3rd marathon a week and half ago at the Disney World Marathon in Orlando. Actually, it would better to describe this as a my first marathon because this one we did much better than the first two. In my first marathon my dear running partner had to keep me going and the second marathon was a mental disaster for various reasons. This run went well. We finished strong. We had fun. We kept going. And we were not a mess after the run.

Running is a strange sport/hobby/calling. There is no real finish line. There is always more running. There is faster and there is longer. Finishing something like a marathon or a half marathon or a 5K is a milestone on a longer journey.  There is next time. Faster or longer.

Seems true of a lot of things. Cleaning. Learning. Loving. Helping. There is no real finish line. Just milestones.

I think I'm going to have to go back to the site of the first two marathons and make another run at it again...

PS. I learned 17 days before this marathon that I had something called exercise induced asthma. We were on a 22 mile training run and I had to stop at 11 because I couldn't breathe. My doctor got me an inhaler and suddenly I can breathe while running! It is a 'whole new world.' And the prior marathon results I can 'Let It Go.' Hakuna Matata.

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  1. Congratulations!! Glad you could enjoy your time afterwards. I agree on your thinking about milestones.