Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Diet Dr. Pepper, Reading and Running

I have some friends who last week attempted to go the week without any sweetened drinks like sodas, diet sodas or variations of coffees that included sweeteners. Thought I'd give it a run and I can report that I'm on the 3rd day of no Diet Dr. Peppers. It has been waters, green teas and black teas only for me.

I can report no changes from dropping the DDPs. My teeth aren't whiter. My sleep is not deeper. My weight is not lower. My focus is not better. The experiment continues for a few more days in honor of my friends doing this and in order to see what this might mean for me, but so far the results are nil.

Have read a number of great books recently and posted some thoughts on diversity from one of them over here on my other blog.

Currently reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis again. And for the first time, I'm listening to the Harry Potter series on Audible while commuting to work.

Oh, and I've started training again for another marathon. The last few days have seen 9 miles, spin class, 1 hour on the elliptical, spin class and 7 miles tomorrow. Planning to run 10 this weekend.

Glad to be here. Hope you are well.

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  1. From what I've heard it's not so much that you can see visible effects immediately when you get off sugar (or sweeteners), but it's about the internal effects they have on your body. Perhaps you will be less likely to develop cancer or some other disease someday. Other than tasting good, they really have no redeeming value, and could quite possibly hurt your health long-term, so I think it's great you are trying to cut that out for a bit. Or at least not drink it on a regular basis, but maybe more of an "every now and then" basis.