Friday, January 1, 2016

Listen and Think

We need to be different this new year.

We need to listen more and talk less and we need to apply more critical thinking to what we read and hear. We need to challenge our own assumptions and the 'facts' that people share/(shout) at us. Just because something is posted online doesn't make it true and just because your friend posted a story on Facebook doesn't make it true.

Our nation is polarizing into different factions that can no longer listen to the 'dark side.'  We need to stop this. We need to elect people to public office who can work together with others to find solutions to our common problems.

We need to stop sharing on our Facebook timelines dubious stories about a single individual (who may be a moron) to prove a point that you want to make. Single data points prove nothing and there are idiots on all sides. 

Rarely are issues totally white or black. We need to get out of our bubbles and listen to diverse viewpoints and we need to think critically about what we are told, read, hear or share.

I'm resolved this year to read more diverse viewpoints.
I'm resolved to vote for people who want to collaborate with others.
I'm resolved to try hard to validate things I hear.

There are some really hard problems to solve in this country and around the world. We need leaders who are trying to make things better and who are not trying to line their pockets or get re-elected. We need statesmen and not politicians.

Let's be better.


  1. Yes, I agree. Wish more people thought the same. Politicians and pundits on either side who can only see their own point of view are not useful. People need to understand collaboration, compromise, and incrementalism.

  2. More than once I have changed my thinking after getting to know a person or details of a situation. You're right, we need to get better and think on all fronts.