Friday, November 27, 2015

A Running Update

I'm running more now than ever before and have run more than 100 miles in each of the last four months. And I've run over 1000 minutes each of the last four months too (still more days left in this month).
I've read two articles in the last month or two lamenting that average marathon run times are getting longer with more and more people running in marathons. The articles suggested that this was bad because it is not considered as an elite accomplishment to finish a marathon any more. Older runners and runners who are not in as good of shape are taking up the sport.

That disappointed me. It seems to me that just getting out there and doing something is a good thing. Being outside. Seeing the sun rise. Running in the rain and the wind (not the wind actually). Running with friends. Tracking times and distances and paces. All of this is fun and good for you. It sure beats sleeping in and watching television.

Since June my average pace has improved 1:22 per mile which seems really good. Running is funny as there is only faster and longer and there is no real finish line. I want to go faster and longer in a smoother fashion. That is the goal.

And now we enter the cold months... Where the real runners are separated from the pretend runners.

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  1. I'm with you - who cares what the experts say or think? Running 26. 2 miles is an accomplishment! Even more so for the first timers, no matter what their time go, girl!