Monday, August 3, 2015

A few random things I found interesting...

I use Twitter to share things that I've found to be interesting and I typically post 3-5 posts per day sharing what I've found. I wanted to post a few interesting items here this time.

In the workplace, and really anywhere, leadership is required to move things forward. There are countless books and principles for good leadership but I found this post about being Unfailingly Kind as very insightful. Very good observations and thoughts. Take a look.

Amy Reese Anderson wrote a blog post about the value of journaling (or perhaps blogging) and how it might have an amazing impact of your children in the years to come.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch from the heavens after you have left this life and see your posterity find value in reading your journals? 
Her post is called Maybe the Angels Will Quote From It for Eternity. I wish there were blogs long ago when my kids were born and I wish I had the discipline and have posted across the years. I've since done a more business related blog here and this one which is of a more personal flavor. I think I'm near a pivot on these blogs. More to come.

Shawn Blanc wrote on his blog that
Common knowledge is not the same as common action.
where he points out that, "just because you know about something doesn't mean you do anything about it. There are overweight dietitians, sleep-deprived sleep researchers, broke business coaches and angry counselors."

He writes several great points of which I would highlight two:

  1. If you want to do everything, be everywhere, and control everything you’re more likely to do, be, and control nothing and
  2. Quality relationships are critical! Get around people with a sense of humor, who are high performers, who are fun and funny, and who are generous.
I want to be with people who are amazing who are doing amazing things who are creative who care for people around them and who are unfailingly kind.

And finally, a wonderful post that a friend who is going through a dark time shared on Facebook a while back entitled, Why Everything Does Not Happen For a Reason. The author writes:

It’s exhausting enough to endure the dark hours here and not lose our religion, without the addition of a Maker who also makes us bleed. Instead, I prefer to understand God as One who bleeds along with us; Who sits with us in our agony and weeps, not causing us our distress but providing a steady, holy presence in it. 
May peace be upon you. May you work with unfailingly kind people. May you be surrounded by wonderful quality relationships. And may the creator of the ends of the universe surround you with his love.

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  1. Words of inspiration! Yet I find myself sitting without action so much of the time. Thanks for the reminders.