Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading Binge

OK people, I'm on a reading binge. Actually, an audiobook listening binge. In the car and on the planes. When running. When working around the house.

Books in the queue include:

  1. IT by Stephen King (reading it again).
  2. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
  3. A Prayer for Owne Meany by John Irving
  4. The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharius

and I'm finishing the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell, an old favorite. You can see this list on the right side of this blog which is a widget to my Goodreads shelves.

I need more recommendations people. Speak up.


  1. See you've read "being mortal" one of my favorite recent reads. A good companion to that I thought was "Smoke gets in your eyes", it's from someone who worked in a crematorium. It's Mary Roach of "Stiff" meets Atwal Gwade. Also "The Martian" is a must read, couldn't put it down

    1. Thanks Phil. I'll take a look. We need to get together soon. Haven't see you in a while.

  2. You might like The Art of Possibility and just a fun one was O's Little Book of Happiness - listened to both of these on a trip recently.

  3. Robin, if you are talking the Zander and Zander book, they I totally agree. Love that book. Gave copies to a lot of people a few years ago. Still have a few copies around. I probably should read it again.

    I'll look for the other one.