Sunday, June 7, 2015

Can't Write

I'm losing my ability to write.

I mean really write with a pen on paper.

The only two places that I ever write, for real, are in my Moleskine book when I'm taking notes in some settings and when I write a check. I've gotten to where I do all my note taking at work online where I type the notes and drag images or screen captures into the notes.

At church, I used to take notes all the time and then I got away from it for a few months. Today I restarted that process and the result was a disaster. Hard to read and it took too many brain cycles to do the writing. I had to think hard about spelling, location, spelling, what to write, spelling and placement, I mean location again.

I kept having to add missing letters back into words after I had already written the word. And I couldn't read some of the words I wrote. And my planning on what to write where was dismal and confused.

I read a book about sketchnotes a while back and loved it and I wish I could that without practicing or working too hard at it. That is what I wish for. Here is a link to a beautiful sketch notes page. I wish for it but I can't see my self practicing the craft.

I'm wondering if we are forgetting how to write? I've heard cursive is gone in schools. And after discussing this observation with my wife, she commented that when college students have to write out their answers, many have more trouble with the test or assignment and their writing is illegible.

And I'm wondering if this matters.

Note I'm adding this blog post by typing fast on a keyboard and using spellcheck to clean up the mess I create along the way. Does it matter if our handwriting is getting worse and we are losing that skill? And related, I don't ever want to do a sketch by hand and I always have to use PowerPoint or Visio or equivalent for drawings even if it takes longer!

Am I the only person wondering about this? What do you think.


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