Monday, February 16, 2015

Scary Close

Finished reading Donald Miller's latest book, Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy. Miller was at OC a few weeks ago and I heard him speak twice and was really struck about how insightful and engaging he was with the crowd and with individuals he met. I've written about Miller before and enjoyed most of his books. I wish Beth and I had gotten a picture with him as I later saw some others did.

Well, this book didn't do as much for me. That was my opinion as I progressed through it. That upset me because I've loved his earlier books and I loved hearing him speak.

However, I have to say that I was struck by how often he spoke in a very loving and positive way about his friends and associates. He talked about "his friend John," "his friend Bob," and "my friend Ben" and he spoke deeply about many of them. He also wrote:
NOT LONG AGO I WAS READING A PASSAGE IN THE Bible in which Jesus was praying for his disciples. He prayed that they would love each other, as he’d taught them to do. He prayed that they’d embrace a mission to teach other people to create communities that loved each other, as they’d experienced with him. 
Over and over he spoke about his friends, wife and co-workers with such love.

And, I guess the book did impact me because after I finished it, I wrote notes to about 10-20 different people telling them how much I appreciated them, loved them and how I kept them in prayers.

So I guess the book did do something to me.


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  1. Interesting...I haven't read this one yet so I guess my expectations might be lower now. I really enjoyed hearing him speak too and I was glad to hear him talk about how we all need a project. I feel that way most of the time and was glad to be validated in that!