Sunday, February 8, 2015

Not Forgotten

Have you realized that we are the first generation of people that will largely be remembered, or at least findable, from this point forward in time by our descendants?

People who lived a 1000 years ago are largely forgotten by us except for a handful of famous people. We might know the names of religious figures, leaders and scientists, but most of the people who have lived before us are largely forgotten in history. They may have, and in fact they did, shape us and all of history by what they did and did not do. But who they are, their names and faces, are largely forgotten.

Not any more. Our names, habits, diet, travel records, pictures, songs we liked, our Amazon purchases, our iTunes purchases, etc. will live on. Those records will be searchable, will be studied in future research projects and in fact, someone 500 years from now will be able to look you up and see a picture of you.

I read something a few years ago that said we die twice. The first time when we physically die and the second time is the last time our name is mentioned on Earth. It is now likely that the 2nd time will never be reached.

Food for thought.

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