Thursday, December 25, 2014

Been Gone For A While

Can't really explain it. Let's see what has been going on in the last few weeks.

  1. Several family issues where things needed to be worked out or thought through.
  2. A business trip.
  3. Ran longer runs of 13.1, 13.3 and 15 miles with my partner. Got a medal for the 13.1 in Tulsa. 
  4. Ran lots of other shorter run by myself. Learning to run at a faster pace. Had some issues with the right leg, but working through it.
  5. A few Thunder games.
  6. OSU beat OU in football, but I didn't go and barely watched it.
  7. Some challenges at two of the non-profits I help. Having to spend a lot of time in thought and discussion on matters. Operating a non-profit is a challenge to successfully navigate over the years. 
  8. Signed up to run in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with my running partner. 
  9. Did you know that running on an elliptical for an hour can be really boring?
  10. Celebrated Christmas breakfast this morning at the home of my 90 year old aunt together with all our extended family in town. She has been doing Christmas breakfast for all comers since sometime in the 60s. I can remember when I was just a kid getting up, and opening presents, then getting dressed and riding across town to have breakfast at their house. 90 years old and she still fixes us all breakfast. God bless her.
  11. Best movie of the fall is Interstellar. Recommended.  Went to see the movie over thanksgiving and the power went out at the crucial time in the movie when our hero is falling into a dark place. Literally, the most ironic time for such to happen. And we were 2 hours into the movie at that point. They told us to bring our ticket back and we could watch it another time. Sure, I see 1-2 moves every six months and I need another few hours to go see the movie again. Went with my son-in-law again and when I got there, I was the only one in the theater for a while. Kind of weird or creepy or maybe I'm just a loser. Not sure. 
  12. Oh, yes we are preparing to move to our new house. We are moving in a few days. No big deal.
  13. And, we are trying to get the new place done.
  14. And, our current house is for sale.
  15. And did I mention that I signed up to run in a full marathon with my running partner? I'm not sure if she has signed up yet however, so I might need to somehow check on this. 
I think I could keep typing things on the list. I love doing this blog and my other one, but I've just stalled out with lots on the plate right now. I've read numerous interesting books in the past weeks and will post on those next.

Merry Christmas to all.



  1. I thought I was busy! :) Love all the windows! I'm sure it will be worth it!

    1. Thanks Robin and congrats on the wedding! Very happy for you all.

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  3. Your running partner is waiting until 11:59 tonight to sign up for the race. One minute before the price goes up. Your running partner seems to be a little more terrified than you.

    1. She is brave and fierce in her running and in life. I doubt she is terrified.