Saturday, June 14, 2014

More on Finding Your Way

Following up on the Calling post, I've crossed with several posts online this week that relate to my thinking on the subject. I wanted to include them here with some comments.

  1. 10 Ways to Identify Your Talents and Use Them is a good list to consider. What makes you strong is a great thing to think about and talking to your friends is a good one too. And look for talents in others resonates with me too. Look and see what others are doing that is interesting. Dial into those ideas. 
  2. 10 Choices That Will Make Your Career More Successful is another good list with some good ideas. I like embrace challenging work and introduce people who can help each other. And ask co-workers how you can better help them is a good idea that we should do purposely.
  3. Questions to ask and answer yourself. The ideas here are more general but equally important. Am I living life to the best of my potential, am I really happy with myself and interestingly, am I learning enough are thought provoking. And am I giving enough resonates with me.
  4. And a different one about Disney and Why Disney Doesn't Micromanage, It Overmanges really, really resonates with me. I've learned that there really isn't such a thing as over-preparing or over-reviewing or over-focusing on the really important. I had to give a little speech a few weeks ago and I spent a LOT of time preparing and it went well. I've had similar experiences in work settings and in other settings.
I collect these kinds of articles so I could probably post another 10. However, these crossed my desk this week and given the prior post, I wanted to include these ideas here. Good articles all.


  1. I'm pondering a lot of these things right now even though I'm in a totally different world from you...been reading Shed your stuff by J. Morgenstern.

    1. We probably aren't that far apart in our thinking. Thanks for stopping by. Let's talk sometime.