Friday, June 6, 2014


It is a really amazing thing to be able to interact with others who are doing amazing things.

I think that for a while, I've been more observant of those I encounter and what it is they are doing. There are people around me doing interesting, amazing, changing things that make difference in their world and the universe they operate in. And sometimes it causes me to pause and wonder and think about those universes and the differences being made there.
  • There is a guy at church who develops lessons that are used across all the adult classes. He puts a lot of effort into this and he does a great job week in and week out. He has the forum and opportunity to influence a LOT of people and their thinking and he uses that forum to constructively build a narrative across days, weeks, months and years. 
  • There is friend that is changing the status quo in their world by changing something that might have become routine and a negative into something that might be fun, cool and a positive. Just by reframing how it is thought about. Very cool.
  • There is another friend who has started an investment business and is challenging how peers are thinking about his niche. And, he does the unconventional when he stands up to talk about it in front of his peers. Instead of just doing the normal, boring Powerpoint, he tells the story differently.
  • And I know numerous people at work who are innovating and creating and doing interesting things too.
  • And, there are interesting things happening all across the world that I can read about online.
I've been thinking a lot about what it is that I do and importantly what I do well. I trained as an engineer in school but I never did real electrical engineering work. I did lots of engineering, as I think of engineering, but I never did any engineering work as they trained me to do in school. I do a lot of optimization work, design work and problem solving work, which is engineering.

This has given me pause to consider what it is that I do well(maybe) and what I'm interested in and more importantly what I want to do better in the coming months and years:
  • Connecting. Helping people connect the lines between problems to solutions, ideas to execution and vision to results.
  • Listening deeply, clearing out the clutter and identifying the root issue or question. Asking lots of questions. ( lots more work to do here, ha.)
  • Deep thinking about root causes and trends. Asking lots of questions again.
  • Organizer to get things done. Moving from here to there.
  • Helping others be successful, but not leading. Giving them tools or ideas or methods to get there.
  • Networking. Connecting people together.
  • Learning always. Reads much. Shares the best.
  • Writer?

I read a great bio of a person who wrote about themselves, "strive to think like a designer, observe like an anthropologist and analyze like an economist" which I love. I lost where I found this so sorry someone.

I've started a note on my device called Future Me where I'm collecting notes on this.

And I'm trying to connect with a few friends to talk about future me. Talking about me is not my favorite thing, but talking with friends about future me is interesting to me.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Mark,
    In the brief time I've had the pleasure of knowing you, I've noticed some of the traits you mentioned above. Two things I've really appreciated about you is you are "slow to speak and quick to listen", I've observed that you command much respect by carefully listening, contemplating and then providing great insight. I have the problem of talking too much. Additionally, on the learning side I appreciate you believe that you can learn from anyone, many people think only certain people can "teach" them something. Understanding that everyone has something to contribute is a one of your strengths . It's been an honor to get to know you.

  2. Phil,
    Thanks for the comment and thoughts. I'm not necessarily good at these things, I just want to get better at them. They are things that interest me and when I see others doing amazing things, it inspires me to try to get better and do the amazing too.

    Will catch up with you soon. Take care,