Saturday, January 4, 2014


Had the opportunity to attend a college Bowl game yesterday which is the first time I've gone to one of those events. The bowl was divided with fans for the respective schools approximately on the opposite sides of the field so we were surrounded by people who cheered as we did. Except that the 4 people sitting in front of us were for the other team. 

My unbiased view of the universe would tell you that the refs were biased and most of the calls seemed to go against my team. Of course that is the correct interpretation of the facts. 

However, there seemed to be 1000s of people, in fact 10s of thousands of people who didn't see it the same way I did. And the 4 people in front of us didn't always see it the the same way.

The 4 did see it the same was as us several times, which was a good thing and I'll admit that some of the calls against us were valid too. However, it was clear that the people in orange saw it one way and the people in gold saw it another. We saw the same things. And we saw it reviewed multiple times on a huge screen having over the field.
That huge screen was hi-def and it was larger than the players on the field. And it was closer than anyone could see from their seat. And it was reviewed multiple times from multiple different angles. And it was reviewed in slow motion. Over and over again.

And those people in gold couldn't see it the same way we did.


There is a message here. 

Others see things differently from me and I may not be right. I've got to keep getting better at seeing what others see. And as the quote goes, I need to strive to understand before being understood and I should strive to listen before I talk (or scream). 

But those guys in black and white were really wrong and they mislead those people in gold.

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