Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interestingness / Amazingness / Connectedness

I found several very good posts online in the last few weeks about connecting with those around you in new, better and deeper fashions. I've sent them out on Twitter, but I thought I post a few here with some comments.

  1. 25 Ways to a More Interesting Life.  Ideas like Play Anthropologist and Perform Random Acts of Kindness resonate with me. Realize that today really is interesting.
  2. 14 Tricks To Better Conversations is fully of great ideas to help you talk with others. I think I'm terrible at networking and mixing so some of the thoughts in this article were helpful to me and I've been thinking about them. I do love the 'merge groups' idea and I've recently been purposely working on including those standing around to join the conversation, i.e. invite others to join in.
  3. 10 Ways to Make The Rest of Today Amazing by Marc and Angel Hack Life is another great list. Their often has great lists. You should follow their site.
  4. Why You Should Change the Story You’re Currently Living is a great point. Often we are carrying around baggage that is not helping.
  5. I have to speak to groups from time to time so I'm always looking for ideas about how to do some presentations better. Make the audience feel welcome (and banish stage fright) has some great thoughts. Make your audience feel welcome!
  6. And How to be the best public speaker on the planet has some great thoughts. Always be storytelling and be vulnerable are great thoughts. 
  7. And finally 11 Little Signs that You Are Doing Fine by Marc and Angel again. You've got food, clean water and someone loves you, then you are in pretty good shape.
I have to tell you that I collect these kinds of lists. I currently have 1900+ articles that I've clipped over the years and saved. Lots of great ideas and things that might be useful down the road.

I use Instapaper and Evernote to manage these articles. You can see the links that I like on twitter by following me or some of them are visible on my other blog on the far right side and some of these are posted there now.

OK, the title was weird. 

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