Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mark's Profound Thoughts on Running

Well, as reported earlier and in other forums(Facebook), I've been running (jogging and walking really) for several months now. Here is a snapshot of what has been going on. The first is distance per month and I've been running (jogging and walking) nearly daily and sometimes more than once per day. I only do about 5-6 KM at a time, but I'm doing it daily.

Here is the problem. I've hit plateau on my pace and can't seem to pick it up any faster. I start out walking, then I run for a good distance and then my brain tells me that I need to slow down. Now another corner of my brain says to keep running, but that first voice is more powerful than the other voice.  You can see on the chart below that I've not reduced the pace much for quite a while. Nearly flat. 

I suspect I need to run with a pro for a few days to be coach, but I'm antisocial and I usually run at 5:30 AM. Plus I'd have to meet them which means I'd have to drive somewhere so it won't happen.

I need to figure this out because I want to go faster. At least that smaller voice wants to go faster.

Related, here are some key learnings:

  1. Running in the dark is good because if you walk, nobody can see you.
  2. If a car with headlights is approaching, always be running. That way your neighbors will think you are a pro runner because you always seem to be running.
  3. If you leave any of your tracking instruments at home accidently, always return to get them before continuing the run. You NEVER want to run without getting credit for it on your tracking device. Yesterday I was nearly 1 KM away from home when I realized I'd left my fitbit at home. I went back. Yes that is pathetic, but I've been brainwashed. It is very similar to the voice telling you to walk, you must obey it.
  4. If you can time your early morning running just right between the time few are going to work and the time many are going to work, you can adjust your walk/run ratio perfectly. You don't want to run too late where there are always headlights on you and you certainly don't want to run during the daylight because you'll have to run all the time.
I've been tracking tracking calories, body fat, BMI and weight as well as blood pressure, etc. I've become rather analytical with everything in case you can't tell.


  1. Looks like a great pace to me! You're right - running with someone else will help. Otherwise it's probably going to go up and down. Just be careful and avoid injury...

    1. I need a coach to encourage me to greatness and/or humiliate me for poor performance. Probably once is enough...

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