Monday, September 2, 2013

Two Many Choices

There are too many choices. Too many things to choose between.

We've got hundreds of cable TV channels and there never seems to be much to watch. We have thousands of movies to watch on pay-per-view yet we can't find anything to watch. We have hundreds of DVDs of movies that we purchased but can't seem to find one we want to watch. It is almost like you want the movie before you but the DVD, but once you have it, you don't want to watch it. Plus once you have it, you no longer get excited about seeing that favorite movie when it is on TV/cable. Having it available to watch anytime seems to take away the fun.

Same with books. There zillions of books that can be downloaded via Amazon and elsewhere. I'm a sucker for book recommendations. I just need to read the ones I've purchased and have not read yet. Perhaps I need a freeze on additional books until I catch up?

We went to the grocery story the other day and the meat deli had more choices that could be imagined.

And then you are overwhelmed by the choices and are frozen and can't make a choice.

Twitter provides an infinite stream of consciousness that is mostly noise. Facebook about the same but more personal since one tends to be more selective in who you follow on Facebook.

More and more catalogs show up in the mail showing off more and more things that aren't needed. They mostly get tossed but we use PaperKarma on them first. We recommend this app to get rid of catalogs you  want to terminate.

First world problems I know. I wrote back in 2011 about The Shallows which I believe more and more to be true. I still recommend that book.


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  2. Professor Barry Schwartz Swarthmore College has conducted extensive research on why misery increases in sample population when buying choices and options are increased. He explains[1], “When one has no options, what can he do? He will feel disappointment, maybe; regret, no. With no options, one just does the best he can. But with many options, the chances increase that a really good one is out there, and one may well feel that he ought to have been able to find it.”


  3. I've heard that before Saqib. Thanks for the link as I want to go take a look again.