Friday, August 2, 2013


I started running. I've been walking for probably 10 years and I've been working out with a trainer for nearly that long. However, I've never run much. My left knee wouldn't allow it when I tired.

My knee decided it was ok.

I've been getting out almost every morning for two months. I missed some days this month due to weather, some travel and I purposely took one day off.

I've been going for about two months now running about 95km in July and 94km in June. Today I ran about 4.5km and then walked about 5.5km because for some reason I wanted to cover 10km this morning before the sun came up.

I've lost weight and I've stopped taking blood pressure medicine with my current blood pressure lower than it was before I started running and lower than when I took the meds.

I have to say I'm enjoying getting out and doing this at 5:30 am most days. This has been an unexpected delight. I should also say that I use the word running in the loosest possible sense as I walk and run.

I've also been tracking all the food I eat (which I've done off and on for years) and it has been interesting to track the calorie deficit or surplus daily. I found an interesting article a few days ago that highlighted the worst dining out meals at major restaurants. You should see this list of 15 Restaurant Meals with Over 1500 Calories. I have friends in Asia who when in the US are shocked at how much food Americans get on their plates when eating out. I think they are right. Chicken Fried steak anyone?

I'm tracking my running on Nike+ and I'm using the Fitbit Flex which I like to just track steps each day. Both are interesting. If you are using either and want to connect on the service, let me know. I'm connected with 4 on the Fitbit service and nobody on the Nike+ service.

Thanks for Summer, Dan, DeWayne and Beth for tips and good ideas.

I found the following on Pinterest...


  1. Wow, the fat grams on that list were unbelievable! I think it would be hard not to gain weight if you had to eat out a lot. Guess you just have to be smart about it. I've heard portion control is the most important thing, because it's hard to burn off enough calories with exercise, but maybe running is the exception. Good for you, and I love the sign from Pinterest!

  2. Congrats! It's a good addiction, I think! Running and biking both have proven to me to be beneficial physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  3. Robin, plus it is just great to get up at 5:30 and get outside...

  4. Andy says that runners think they are on a higher plane of existence than non-runners. I tend to agree :)