Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lisa Genova Fan and in the Queue

I think I'm going to be an ongoing Lisa Genova fan. I've read and written about two of her earlier books before: Left Neglect and Still Alice. Genova writes about unusual medical challenges that individuals and families face and she makes it personal. In both these earlier books, I was affected by the hardships and challenges the families faced. One of the stories moved towards a real heartbreaking ending.

Her latest book is Love Anthony which is the story of a child with autism and how that affects the family. There are chance encounters and a writer who starts writing a book that ends up being deeply meaningful to the mother of the child. At first, I wasn't getting where the book was going, but as it rolled along it drew me in and at the end I was racing to get to the last few pages. Those last few pages were great and I keep thinking about them. I think I highlighted that whole last chapter in my kindle.

I seem to like the medical mysteries books. I've written about several before, or I think I have.

Anyway, give this author and her books a look. Highly recommended.

A few others in the queue are The Housekeeper and the Professor as recommended by my friend Dr. Lamascus and The Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code as recommended by the other Dr. Lamascus(also my friend). My wife has me working through Dracula right now which I will undoubtedly finish on an upcoming plane ride. And I'm going to re-read Ender's Game since they are making a move about it. Ender's Game routinely appears on best sci-fi lists and it is usually at the top. If you've not read it, then take a look.

The kindle is currently full of books that are calling to me...

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  1. I loved Still Alice. I am adding this latest one to my reading list.