Monday, May 13, 2013

Surveys and Skills

The Men's Ministry at church sent all the men an online survey this weekend. It asked a number of questions about interests, time available to meet, service skills, etc. One of the question asked about skills that I possess that could be used in a service ministry. There were skills like:

  • carpentry
  • auto mechanic
  • plumbing
  • concrete/masonry
  • etc.

The survey required an answer or you couldn't complete the survey.

I didn't see blogging listed as a needed skill and posting great content on Twitter wasn't listed either. I didn't see Powerpoint presentation skills listed. I read a lot but I didn't see that skill either. My garage is a mess and I can't seem to get it cleaned up but that skill wasn't listed either. I like Diet Dr Pepper but no, it wasn't there either.

I selected Auto Mechanic. If you call I'll tell you where to go to get your car fixed.

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