Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook Bored

Is it just me or is Facebook getting boring?

I don't really need to know that one of my friends is now friends with someone I don't know.
Or that someone I don't know is celebrating a birthday.
Or that there is a promoted post from some brand that I don't care about.
Or that someone won a shovel playing a game.

I do like more serious posts. I do like to hear of friends and their lives and needs and challenges. I do want to hear when someone needs help or requests a prayer or something is on their hearts. I do like that. And I pay attention and listen.

And I do like being able to connect with long last friends from far away and long ago. That is interesting if that conversation develops. But I don't want to hear about their shovels either.

I think that the new Facebook Home idea is great, but only if I don't hear news of shovels won. The iOS model of having a page of app icons on the iPhone is now dated and dumb. I'd rather have the Win8 Mobile or Facebook Home view of people first as the front door on my mobile device. These are moves in the right direction.

But in the case of Facebook Home, I find their iOS app to be of such poor quality that I'm not sure I'd want them owning the front door on my mobile phone.

What do you think?

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