Saturday, April 20, 2013

Can't Hide

It is interesting to me that you can't hide anymore. The two people accused of the bombing in Boston had their pictures posted online within days of the event and then everyone in the country was looking for them. There was simply no possible chance for them to not be recognized and found.

These guys were going to be recognized and found. I heard yesterday that students where the youngest went to school were talking about how the person sought looked like the person they knew.

I wrote about this earlier this year that people will no longer be invisible and not remembered.

You can't hide. You will be known.


  1. So lesson learned, someone is always watching, be known for something good.

    1. I think one should not worry or even think about whether or not they are seen, they should just strive to be the person they want to be. It doesn't really matter whether I'm filmed or not, one should decide to be 'kind' and 'forgiving' and 'loving,' etc. whether seen or not.

      Do be known for something good however.

      Denise, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree, Mark. When I went to bed they had put out the pictures and when I woke up the next day I fully expected them to be identified, and they were. Between surveillance and social media, you definitely can't hide. And maybe someday kids will "get it" that all those facebook posts and tweets can be found too.

    1. Yes you can't hide from the bad things, but on the flip side, your good things are known too. One should be serious and thoughtful about their social presence online and elsewhere.

      Lori, thanks for stopping by!