Monday, December 24, 2012

Gone For A While

Sorry I've been absent for a month. Actually, our daughter was married on 12/1 and we were maxed out prepping for that event and then right afterwards my wife and I left on a two week trip and cruise that was planned six months ago. Soooo, I've been busy, traveling, gone and not around in more ways than one for a while.

We are doing Christmas at our house differently this year. No tree or decorations (we've been gone). And my wife and I decided no gifts for each other because 1) we don't need anything and 2) we gave ourselves a wedding and a trip. So the house looks decidedly un-christmas like here for the first time ever.

We had a great time on the trip. It was a cross Atlantic trip which I've always wanted to do. For some reason, boat travel fascinates me.

We were out at sea for 5 days crossing the Atlantic. Here is what it looked like:

When we were across the Atlantic and about 100 miles from land, birds started showing up beside us and diving for fish or whatever in the water. They flew so close to the side of the boat that one could almost reach out and touch them.

We stopped at St. Maartin and there were 6 other cruise ships stopped there at the same time! They were arriving in a rush and then all left starting around 3 PM. One stayed about 4-5 hours only.

I looked up the names of the boats on my iPhone and their capacity. Three of the boats had capacities over 3000 people. Our boat had a capacity of about 1000 or so and we had 700 on the boat. Not crowded at all.

While on the cruise I asked one of the officers if they ever gave bridge tours and he said sometimes and if we asked we might get the chance.  Two days later we received an invite from the captain inviting us to the bridge for a tour.

We had a great time and it was a great get away. 

PS. I did write on Facebook about a scary Spa experience which I won't repeat here.


  1. That sounds awesome and well deserved! Enjoy your quiet holiday!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Robin. Merry Christmas to you and yours.