Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still a Valid Platform

Two years later, my original Presidential platform still sounds pretty darn good. Alas, the national parties did not call to enlist me once again although one of them sent me a lot of letters. And, my plea to go prepared to the polls is still mostly right on.

Frankly speaking, I don't care for any of them. I probably should have looked harder at one of the 3rd party candidates but our crummy two-party system make it an either or decision unfortunately.

I'll just tell you my updated thinking.

  1. Washington is messed up. They can't agree on what to order for lunch. I say vote most of them out. I'd say vote all of them out but there are 1-2 that are ok. Vote the rest out. If in doubt, vote them out.
  2. We need people who can solve problems. Who can sit around the table and collaborate and get a better answer. 
  3. I'm sorry Mr. President, but your time is up. We can't have an attitude of 'we are smarter in Washington so send in all your money and we'll spend it for the better of us all.' Sorry, not buying it. I'll pay more taxes if I know it is paying down debt or going for real good, but not what we have today. Too much waste. No real leadership. Gridlock.
  4. I suspect we'll alternate between Democratic and Republican presidents for the next decade. I can't see either party constructively moving us forward. I'll vote for change this time.
  5. Mr. President, you rode in on a great mandate and the American people loved you. You didn't really fix much. Even your health care program is a mess.
  6. I'm not a big fan of the other guy either, but at least he has some real business experience.
I'd rather vote no. Or I'd rather be transported into the job with absolute power for 100 days. I'd fix some things. 

I will do this. I'll pray that we elect the right person and I'll support the next President. We need to come together and step forward for our kids sake.

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  1. It's unfortunate that one party is out of touch with economic reality and the other is tone deaf to who lives in America. Having said that... a two party system allows for quicker momentum swings to correct issues - vs. coalitions - so, let's pray for the best.

  2. Agreed Pat. Thanks for stopping by.