Monday, November 19, 2012

Election Thoughts

OK, I thought it was time for him to leave but the nation picked different.

There was an amazing article in the Atlantic about how conservative media mislead their followers. Take a look here. I thinks this article is massively true.

I also think the Republican party has lost its way and been hijacked by extremists. The ideas of spend less and follow the constitution but not much more has been lost. It will be interesting to see what happens next time and if the Republicans can learn from this election. Another great post on the election was found here.

There was another post about there being lots of people who just think differently than you (and me). It is so true. We all tend to think that our view of the universe is the correct one and we need only help others see the error of their ways. This is not really true.

The key is be involved. Join the conversation. Talk to others. Share your ideas and opinions and LISTEN to others.

And for for the next President read this.


  1. I read all the linked articles and especially liked the one about how the conservative media failed us and the one by Ed Stetzer, the pollster. It's disturbing to think that facts are out there that are being ignored. Guess that's a reason to get your news and information from more than one source. Count me as one of the surprised ones. It's hard to know who to believe any more.

  2. It really is hard to know who to believe in politics and government and many other places.