Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nothing To Do

Let's see:

  • 4 trips to California before year end.
  • 1 trip to Florida for a conference.
  • daughter getting married so playing some minimal role in planning a wedding (generally involving my credit card).
  • son starting a new year at University.
  • 1 trip to Seattle.
  • planning a big staff meeting for my own team in California.
  • 1 trip to China.
  • helping church think through starting a new blog for communications.
  • helping another friend think about starting a blog.
  • daughter getting married.
  • going on a cruise from Barcelona to Miami
  • purging things at home.
  • daughter getting married.
  • teaching a weekly class at church through the end of November.
  • a board of trustees meeting for OC.
  • OSU football games starting up again.  Game Saturday!
  • daughter getting married.
  • Thunder games starting up again in November.
Not much going on.


  1. Sorry, Mark, I didn't see anything after "1 trip to China." Where are you going?

  2. Hi Beth. I'm going to Suzhou for about 4 days. Flying into Shanghai. Where are you guys located?

  3. I just remembered I had commented on this. We live in Shanghai! When are you coming? Did I miss it in my blog-comment-forgetfulness? Not sure if you have extra moments for sight-seeing, but if you do, send me a message. We love to see people from the States.