Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Beginnings at OC

My friend John deSteiguer is the new President at OC.

I want to wish him and all the good people who work there the very best. There are so many good people there who are doing great things. People with good hearts who are trying to help so many students find their way.

I'm convinced that there are more demands and pressures on college kids than ever before. Media sets the bar impossibly high regarding success, looks, heros and goals. Right and wrong is confused in the name of political correctness and we are de-sensitized to things that would have appalled an earlier generation.

Blessings to all those everywhere who are trying to help young people find their way.

Blessings to all at OC. Great times are ahead.

Blessings to John as he begins the next era at OC.


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