Saturday, July 28, 2012


I collect manifestos.  And I collect things to know or do or bucket lists that are posted by individuals or organizations. There are hundreds, or thousands or millions of these online. I save it if something strikes me.

One of the most famous manifestos is the Holstee Manifesto which is shown below.  You can visit their site to order the poster or greeting cards and I've linked to a video they've posted about the manifesto.

There is another manifesto at the web site which I've linked to below too:

There are lots of these around on the internet.  There is a blog that posts news ones regularly at  There a lot of these on Pinterest (which I'm sad to say that I know this).

You can also find countless lists that tell you:

  1. Five Items that Should be on Every Bucket List
  2. The Most Important Skill to Master
  3. Are You Ready to be Lucky?

There are lots of these around. I have probably 100 or 150 saved on Evernote.

There is a wonderful little quote on the Married With Luggage blog that says:

We believe life is a constant series of small decisions that most of us leave up to someone else to decide. By taking charge of those decisions yourself – even the smallest ones – you can change your life from mundane to magnificent.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at an Honors Symposium at Oklahoma Christian University to a group of high school students and I used these posters and ideas as a starting point. I suggested to the kids that they should consider three points to add to their own manifesto and I challenged them to make one for themselves. 

I'll post on those ideas next.

Life is Short.


  1. I think that's a very interesting thing to collect. Are there any that have been life changing for you? I have a few scriptures and motivational quotes that have impacted me through the years and if I really like one I will print it out in a really neat font and post it in my scrapbook room. Kind of a morbid thought, but sometimes I hope if I die suddenly, my family will know what's important to me by looking on that wall...hopefully they'll know anyway by the kind of life I live.

  2. I do have some favorites. I'll post some of them soon. Here is a link to an early one that I really liked and have referred to many times.