Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why work there?

Years ago, I made a list of reasons why a person might choose to work somewhere. Tell me what you think of my list.
  1. Pay the Bills or Get Some Money. Obviously one works somewhere to pay the bills. Yes, it take money to get through the days. It likely doesn't require as much money as we think it does, but money is required. We work somewhere to make money.
  2. Learn Something. We might choose to be an apprentice somewhere. We might work for free or at greatly reduced pay or we might work at a much lower level/position in the company in order to gain experience.
  3. Get Connected. One might work somewhere just to get in the door. You want the experience or to make a connection. Networks are so important these days that a perfectly good reason is to get connected.
  4. Passion. You simply love what you do and you will chase that passion wherever it might take you.   Perhaps you love the theater and you want to be part of it so you'll take a position working with a touring group.  Or perhaps you love football and you go find a position working with a high school, college or even pro team.
  5. Ministry. You want to be part of something bigger than yourself. You feel a calling or you want to connect with people for a higher purpose. Therefore, you might work with a faith group or a charity group that resonates with you. One probably doesn't make much money here, but you are called. See this in Fast Company.
  6. Fun. You work somewhere that is fun. You love it and you want to be part of it. Maybe this summer I'll work at a Disney park and hope to have a fun time along the way. Or perhaps I'll work in the Colorado Rockies one summer in order to be close to something I love and want to be around.
I wrote this after crossing paths with a blog post entitled Letters to a Young Engineer: How to Decide Where to Work which you might read. Also, here is a long post entitled How To Do What You Love which is quite good.

I find one of my kids working to make money right now and the other one is doing the same but also trying to find more ways to connect with her passion (dentistry) where she is doing volunteer work.

Are there other reasons to work somewhere?


  1. Considering the statistics of recent college grads that have jobs right now (50% do not have a job or are underemployed) I see why so many are considering graduate work! But at some point they just need to buckle down and do something whether it's in their field or not. Maybe it will cause more young people to learn to communicate better and network more!

  2. Yes. These are hard time for recent graduates. I'm not sure what to recommend these days but sometimes one has to just buckle down.