Thursday, May 10, 2012

Books (another post about them)

I was in B&N the other day. Wandering around, I saw 3-4 books that I want to read. One was Tom Clancy's latest novel that came out late last year which I never got around to buying.
In the past, I would have bought it the day it came out, but I guess I've grown out of that phase(or I'm cheaper now). You see, I have all his books in hardback form on my bookshelf. All of them. Yes, it is weird, but that is me.

Now I find myself looking at every book I find at B&N or elsewhere and preferring to have it in electronic format. I prefer to have it with me on my ipad or kindle or nook (I don't have a nook but I mention it in honor of B&N). But what about my beautiful, expensive, heavy and shelf consuming collection of hardback books?
How will my less expensive, zero weight, electronic edition sit with the others? Will I forever feel that my collection is invalid if I buy the ebook instead of the hardback and my hardback collection is incomplete? Will my hardback books resent the ebook on my ipad? Will they consider the ebook version to be part of the family? How do I resolve this problem?

Related, we are building a new house. Should I consider eliminating bookcases from the plans?

I don't have this worked out yet. Instead, I delay reading a book from one of my favorite authors while I try to sort this out. I hope to resolve this crisis soon. Advice and opinions welcome.

As a way to comfort me while I sort this out, I had a slice of chocolate creme pie tonight from Johnnies. Don't tell my trainers.


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  2. I did NOT know this about you. I, too, have every hardback of Clancy. Seriously torn about getting the Nook version or going old school and putting that book with its brothers. Can't say enough about having the books with me all the time - but it is satisfying to look at the entire Clancy collection and think about Jack Ryan's exploits.

  3. The last hardback I read (11/22/63) I kept wishing it was on the Kindle; you'd feel the same. But you can't live w/o bookshelves!

  4. Don't get rid of your collection if you're not ready to! But I'm not buying any more books because we're already thinking about downsizing at ages 47/52. Don't want any more stuff to store!

  5. Christi CounihanMay 17, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    I do love the feel of a "real" book in my hands. That being said, on occasion, I will purchase a book instead of downloading it to my kindle. I have all the hardback copies of Stephen King and will continue to purchase them. I feel an obligation as a "constant reader" to my favorite author. I also like the way they look on my book shelves. Ian actually wrote an essay on this dilemma. You might enjoy reading it.