Sunday, March 18, 2012

Optimal Path at Disney World

The preacher at church today started off with a story about his family visiting Disney World. During his comments, he made a reference to how he was fairly organized in his approach to getting around at Disney. What did he mean by that?

I mean of course you have to get up early and get to the best rides at the first part of the day before the heat and before the crowds are very large. You don't want to waste a Disney World visit sleeping in and resting? And a big breakfast, forget it. Eat on the run.

And you've got to catch one of those early buses over and it is nearly a complete failure for the whole day if you miss a bus that is pulling away from your bus stop just before you arrive.

You have to plan which park you are going to each day based on urban legend and experience as to which parks are fuller on which days. And of course you go whether it rains or shines. A park opening early, forget it because everyone heads there on that day. Duh.

And when you get in the park, you must head to your highly important targets first because the crowds are still small (assuming you caught that early bus and got the family up early). For example, at Magic Kingdom you've got to head to Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain first.

And of course, you can't stop and take pictures no matter how great the views are early or what Disney character you see on the way. No time for such. Hurry.

What a great, relaxing vacation!

So I don't understand the preacher's point.

A few years ago when visiting Disney World with another family, they abused me over my optimal routing through the park. On the 4th day, I refused to lead the way. They were begging me to return to my advanced scheduling techniques by half day.


  1. People rarely appreciate those of us who do the work of figuring out the touring plans in the Unofficial Disney Guide and all that entails. That is, until they try to do DW without it, as you said. We went there years ago and although we had a great time, it was probably the least restful "vacation" I have ever been on. You really have to gear up and stay with it in order not to be in line most of the time. If everyone doesn't buy in, it could easily NOT be the best way to enjoy your family...makes me tired just thinking about it!

  2. You are right, sometimes we are not appreciated for our planning and navigation skills. But they miss us when we are not there!

  3. I think you just need to have someone in your group willing to run around and get fast passes for everybody! Worked pretty well for us...actually we haven't been in 10 years. But I did read the book back then and we did a lot of the things you mentioned. They worked for the most part but I'm sure there's a new theory now.