Monday, February 6, 2012

Sleep Beam

I've decided I'm going to invent a sleep beam. By that I mean I'm going to figure out how to send a wave of something into my brain to cause deep sleep to happen in a timely manner and for a predetermined amount of time. This will provide a reliable nights sleep to the average adult who is perhaps wishing for more.

The beam will be sent from the headboard of my bed and when I press a button on the side of the controller, the beam will shoot my head from above quickly sending me into a deep sleep. I'll put in a timer so that it turns off after 6 hours or so.  And I've decided that I'll put in a voice activated sensor that if the words mom, mommy, dad, daddy, donuts, fire or hey you are spoken the beam will disengage. Imagine a Star Trek sick bay table with the beam coming out of the overhead console. That is the idea.

I can can envision a portable system emits the beam from your iPhone or suitable smart phone for use when traveling. In the portable system, I'll add the phrase "please put away all electronic devices and raise your seat-backs and tables to their upright and locked positions" to the list of phrases that will turn off the system.

I supposed you could send the beam at someone else so I'll have to install a facial recognition system to make sure it only works on the owner.

I'll make lots of money.


  1. I'm in! Can I be a test subject?

  2. If it will work on childred I'd like to pre-order two.

  3. Yes, a kids version. Why didn't I think of that!