Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Read and Reading and More Reading

This past Monday my wife and I were invited to speak at a local university where they were starting book clubs on campus. One of the faculty there knew we read a lot so they invited us to come speak to the group.

I spoke for a few minutes about why I like to read and mentioned the following ideas:
  1. Read to Connect the Dots.   That is, as you go through life and see different things, it is fun and a good thing to figure out how things fit together and how they connect. I gave the example of watching the Robin Hood movie and noticing that Richard the Lionheart dies early in that movie but he appears late in the Errol Flynn Robin Hood movie. It can't be both so one hits the books (or  Wikipedia) to find the truth.
  2. Read to find the Truth.  This is generally related to the first point but not always. The news, media, movies, twitter and other places are full of misinformation and sometimes lies and complete mis-representations. I just finished reading I Was Blind But Now I See: Time to Be Happy which makes the point that one shouldn't even watch the news since their goal appears to be focus on fear and the sensational. Reading and more reading from various sources and good sources can help one find the truth.
  3. Be an Explorer.  Finally, just get out there and explore. I recently read books on the crusades, Hiter and Stalin, architecture, right brain vs. left brain people, jobs, lots of sci-fi and several books about faith and christianity. Read lots of different things. Read things outside areas where you work. Seek out diverse points of view.
Get out there and explore, connect the dots and look for the truth.  By the way, I told the students they couldn't use the excuse that they are busy. They will be busy from now till they are in a retirement home. It doesn't get less busy. Just read.

My wife then spoke on reasons she as enjoyed a book club she has been a part of for many years.  She also has been doing a blog on the books she reads and you can stop by and see it here.

After the session a friend recommended the book Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project.  I bought the audio book and listened to it in the car this week. This is about a project to have people record their own stories in their own words. The audio version was probably not the book itself, but was an hour of the actual stories as told by the people themselves together with some commentary by the author.  Pretty cool idea and recommended.  Thanks S for the recommendation.

If you have a great book to recommend to me, let me know. I'm always looking.

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  1. Great post! This will be a great addition to a discussion for Bible study this morning. One of the questions we are discussing is Gideon and his poor self-image and what practical things we can do to avoid negativity. I Was Blind sounds like a good one for that.

    I was one of those kids who didn't feel like they had time to read for enjoyment while in college but did return to reading after I got out and life became a little more routine. So there is hope!