Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Siri Question

I have this question for those of you carrying around the iPhone 4S. 
Are you doing more or different things with your iPhone because of Siri?
My wife has one and she is using Reminders quite a bit and asking Siri to remind her of this or that at some location or time in the future. Before she had Siri, she was not using the Reminder feature very much but now she is using it a lot. I'm wondering if people are using the device in different manners, like more reminder usage, because they can talk to the phone. What other ways are they using their phones differently because of Siri?

I think that Apple needs to put an api in place so 3rd party applications can use Siri too. Imagine being able to add something to your grocery store but saying "Siri, add milk to my grocery store list."  Or how about asking Siri to look up something in Evernote. Related, it would be wonderful if Spotlight on the iPhone could look into 3rd party apps too like Evernote.

A lot has been written about Siri and voice recognition becoming a game changer. I'd like to hear from those of you who are on the front edge of this new capability.


  1. Not an experienced user of Siri, but I must say the enhancements for being able to make a hands free phone call while driving is great. "Call Mark Brewer" Siri "Mark Brewer Office or Mobile" Me, "Mobile" And there you go. No having to look away from the road. Also great for finding the closest Starbucks or any other business. Needed a CVS in Jackson MS the other day and Siri nailed it. As far as reminders - I will leave that up to the experienced Siri users.

  2. I can see the voice service being good for making phone calls on the go and asking location questions. I'm just wondering if habits are changing in a deeper fashion where the tool (phone) is being used differently than before. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Here is an interesting post on where this might go next.

  4. And here is another one about talking to your doctor, I mean Siri.