Monday, December 12, 2011

It is the Waste

I've been stewing for months as I read or hear one person or another argue that more or less taxes need to be paid by this group or that group. I'd be willing to discuss more taxes if there just wasn't so much waste already in government.  Our elected leaders can't seem to cut back on anything, can't eliminate something that is no longer needed, can't resist another pork barrel project in their home state and can't seem to find a way for our country to live within its means.   We are wasting too much money!

We are in a time of crisis in Washington and our elected leaders can't even seem to agree on what to order for lunch. A super-committee is formed to figure out how to reduce our debt problems and they think it is ok to not succeed. It is not OK. You failed.  Vote them all out.

There are serious fiscal problems in this country and need serious leadership to solve. I'm tired of hearing the same old hard lines from everyone. Few seem to be able to think and compromise. Vote them all out.

Here is a recent article in Forbes that reminds us that we can push the debts around, but somebody has to eventually pay the bill. Here is another interesting one, also in Forbes, called Five Simple Ways to Fix An Out-Of-Control Washington. Or here is another one that says our elected leaders should have to live by the same rules which they apply to us. Congress exempts itself from the things that they believe should apply to us. Brilliant leadership.  And I liked Coburn's recent guest post on entitled Ending Welfare for the Wealthy.

Look, I don't agree with every recommendation in the above posts, but we need serious leadership and statesmanship to sort through these complicated problems. I'm tried of all the failed dialog and collaboration in our elected leaders.

They don't seem to get it that they are failing.

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