Friday, December 30, 2011

A few thoughts at the end of 2011...

I finally got some peanut brittle. I was lamenting not getting or finding any all holiday season and on Christmas day I mentioned this at my parents house and suddenly I received a zip lock bag full. Life is good.

I've thinking about the interesting fact that you can tell if a person has an IOS 5.X device by the color of the text message you send to them. If sending a SMS to someone, and you are using an IOS 5.X device and the message background is blue on your phone then the other person has an iPhone running at least IOS 5.X. If the message is green, then they are getting the message as a standard text message because either 1) they don't have an iPhone or 2) for some reason it can't use the apple service. So you can tell if the person on the far end is using an up-to-date iPhone. Interesting. Don't know what to do with this, but I find it interesting. With standard text messages you have no idea what the other person is using.

It has been a busy week. Of course the holiday are part of that but we've also moved my daughter back from college as she now prepares for dental school and we've had to make a new car purchase. Someone please invent a way to make new car purchases less painful.  This time I did give all the car salesmen I talked to my Google phone number so that they wouldn't be calling my home or mobile phone all the time.  I recommend that to you.

I did get 5 different gift cards for Christmas this year. B&N, Starbucks, Amazon, Panera and iTunes. We have gift cards sitting on counters around the house.  I've got to believe many gift cards are lost and never used which is a windfall for the retailers.

Saw a great basketball game last night in OKC and tonight we have friends coming over to celebrate the new year. We are trying caviar tonight. Right.

Happy New Year to all.  May your year be filled with peace, happiness, health and prosperity.

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  1. Enjoyed the random thoughts - I hope all goes well with your daughter! Hadn't heard she was pursuing dental school.

    Happy New Year to you all as well! Let us know how that caviar tastes!