Saturday, September 17, 2011

Handwritten Notes

A few days ago I came across this wonderful post called the Art of the Note which I wanted to share. We live in the era of short messages, usually of a sarcastic tone, delivered by tweets, sms or Facebook status updates. Email is used for longer messages, but email doesn't feel very personal no matter how personal the message is intended.  My own family makes fun of me because my email replies are 'yes' or 'ok' or similar short messages back to them.

A handwritten note, received in the mail is a rare joy these days. A handwritten note means someone took time with a pen, to write you a note on a notecard, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it and then get it to a mailbox. When someone sends you a handwritten note, they really invested in getting something to you. They spent significant time to connect with you.

A few years ago I bought some embossed note cards and envelops and started doing this and I've enjoyed it ever since. A few days ago I was at a University commencement where the speaker was clearly nervous as he told us that he had never done such a talk before.  I thanked him after the ceremony and then wrote him a note later that day to say thanks for being there with us. I know I'll never hear from him again, but it doesn't matter because I just wanted him to know that we appreciated him doing what he did for us that day.

Take a look at the post above and then jump to his linked site called Letters of Note which is a site that has collected many handwritten notes through the years. Most interesting.

Don't worry about your handwriting being hard to read because nobody cares.

Send somebody a handwritten note.


  1. Interesting link! I'm a big fan of handwritten notes and send lots of cards. When Dan was recovering after his accident, we received a lot and they brightened our very slow days. One woman in particular sent a card weekly. She decorated the envelopes with lots of stickers and now I do that too! Also, I keep a lot of notes from others in my night stand drawer. I remember long ago some teacher told the group she did that and would get them out from time to time and read them if she needed cheering up. Well, I never have felt the need to do that, but there's a bunch in there that would probably be a nice stroll down memory lane.

  2. Last week I mailed a BD card to a friend. She said she got several e-mails and facebook messages, but how nice it was to get an actual card in the mailbox. Who would have thought that would be unusual? I am with you, Mark. A handwritten note received unexpectedly in the mail can be such a lift. We should all do that for each other more often.