Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Need Good Book Ideas

Ok, I'm stumped on great reading ideas. I've got multiple books started and none of them are really grabbing me right now. If you've seen what I read and have a suggestion to recommend, please send me a note.

I've been gone too long and will post again shortly.  Hope you are doing great!



  1. Have you read UNBROKEN? Didn't see it on the list. Incredible biography of a WWII vet. He is still living! My favorite book this year. Also, I just finished Water for Elephants. Had some rough stuff in it but generally I enjoyed it.

  2. I didn't get into Water for Elephants or Heaven is for Real. Loved The Help but Andy says i can't recommend that to a man, so I won't.

    I am reading The New Christian by Gabe Lyons (wrote UnChristian, I had a love/hate relationship with that book). I was able to participate in a Skype Session with Gabe about this book and I found him a fascinating hipster ;)

    Anyway, I am committed to reading it because I think it gives me some insight into my students. Check it out sometime.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Robin and Summer. I also heard from others via email and one from twitter. The first one I'm reading is Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea which is a hard to believe true life story of life in North Korea.

    More later about it.

  4. Summer, did you mean The Next Christians?