Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exceptional Kids

The world sure needs more people who can think clearly and who can work together with others to solve hard problems. There seems to be a shortage of such in Washington DC where hard problems need to be solved now. Certainly we can elect better representatives to work on these problems, but closer to home and for the future we can also raise exceptional kids who are prepared to tackle these problems when their time comes.

On the point of raising exceptional kids, I found this great post about things to do with your children to help them develop these kinds of skills. I thought so much of the post that I wanted to highlight it here.  Please take a look at  Creating the Conditions for Emergence.

Related, I also think our kids need to travel and see the world. I'm jealous of college kids today who have such a great opportunity to study abroad for a semester. I hope that many can take advantage of such if given the opportunity.


  1. Thanks, Mark. One of the most striking changes I have seen as a result of working with young people who travel out of the US for mission work, school or vacation, is that they, generally, no longer feel that the world revolves around them. That, instead, they are part of something bigger, with a greater sense of responsibility because of where they have been raised and what opportunities they have been provided. Besides that, on those trips, parents actually have the chance to "be in the moment" with their kids, rather than worrying about what is next on the daily checklist. It is a great experience for kids to see the world.

  2. You are exactly right! Things don't revolve around one's own local town, high school and job. It is a big world out there and there are many different perspectives and ideas out there. We need to realize we don't have a lock on being right either.

    Also the being in the moment point is great.

    Thanks for stopping by John.