Monday, June 27, 2011

Nice idea. Poor execution.

This past week my wife had surgery at a local, unnamed hospital. When we checked in I was given a six digit number and told I could monitor her progress on the display in the waiting room. Sounds like a good step forward for mankind sitting in the waiting room.

In the waiting area a flat screen monitor listed perhaps 40-50 six digit numbers in many different colors. At the bottom of the screen was a small legend that explained the colors. I could barely read the numbers from a distance and I couldn't read the legend at all. I had to walk over for a closer look.

A six digit number means they were accounting for a million people. I didn't see that many in the waiting area. Why not patient 5 on that day? The colors referred to the current state of the patient moving through their process. Unfortunately they used hospital codes that meant nothing to me like Phase II and something H1DC whatever. The last state my wife was in was Phase II which I guess meant done. The colors were light green, dark green, blue, yellow, tan, and 10 other colors. I kept hoping to stay green and didn't want to see red. Later someone pointed out to me that Code Blue was not good and I remembered that the yellow, Live Strong bracelets corresponds to DNR or do not recessitate. So perhaps I needed to hope against blue, yellow and red.

I have to give the hospital a pat on the back for effort but D for execution. I should have taken a picture and posted it here but I didn't think of it till later.

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  1. I guess we haven't been to that one...sounds pretty impersonal to me! HOpe she is doing better soon!