Monday, May 30, 2011

Block the Junk

For a long time I've wanted a way to block 'the bad parts' of the internet from being accessible on my network at home.  I came across OpenDNS a few weeks back, I've given it a try and I have to say that I'm delighted. It provides a service where you can change the DNS address for your home network and block all kinds of things from appearing on your network at home.  Pornography, gambling, hate, etc. can be blocked at the router level.  This solution which addresses the problem for the whole network at one time, instead of having to install on each computer in the house, it a great step forward and a great solution.  I wish I had found this earlier.

If you are trying to block such bad traffic from your home or organization, I recommend you take a look.  And yes, they have a free version for the home.



  1. Hi Mark,

    If you use Chrome, try the Personal Blocklist extension by Google. This extension helps you block sites of your choosing from appearing in your Google search results. I use the plugin to block content farms which clutter up the google search results. The extension does not come with a pre-built exclusion list, so you have to build your own. I have compiled a long list of content farms that I exclude using this extension. Let me know if you are interested in using this list, I will share it out with you.


  2. Saqib, I like the blocking at the DNS level so the net is wide and I have to do nothing to make it work.